Friday, January 30, 2015

What is your deepest fear?

The antidote to fear is FAITH!
Take a second today and fill in the blank...
"Our deepest fear is________"
Once we take a second to really think about what our fear is, we can then start to replace it with faith!

Find out your deepest fear and take a leap of faith!
Replace that fear!!!
We want to hear about your experience! Take the challenge then send us your experience, email it to us here!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

You can do whatever you want...

Today we have a special treat for you!
Along with our uplifting quote, we put together this video of our dance Grown Woman showcasing our quote, "YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT."
We are retiring this dance so we thought we'd make a video to share the message from the dance.

Click here to see the video!!!
After viewing the video, if you liked the message, please share!!!
We want to share our message with as many people as possible and that's only possible with your help!!!

Don't forget our challenge from last Friday! Take the challenge!

Monday, January 26, 2015


This Saturday is our benefit concert for Cortnee and Allison!
Cortnee is in need of a kidney transplant (SERIOUS NEED) and her cousin Allison offered to donate so we want to help them by raising the funds for the surgery.
Allison is such an amazing helper and supporter to Kalamity, she is always at each concert helping take tickets or helping with the silent auction and bake sale.
They are both amazing people and we want to show them that they are loved and supported!
If you would like to purchase a ticket they are $5 pre-sale and at the door.
Contact 435-773-1289 if you would like a ticket.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Try Something New!

Try something new this upcoming week!!!
Whether it be smiling at every person you see, drawing, painting, dancing, playing a new sport, eating a foreign food, taking a new way home, breaking an every day routine, ANYTHING, think of something NEW to you and do it this week!!!
There's something refreshing about trying new things, and too often we get comfortable or stagnant and forget to do new things.
And have fun doing it!!!

Take a picture of you doing something new this week and message it to 435-773-1289 then stay tuned to see your pictures on the next challenge next Friday!
If you can't think of anything off the top of your head, try dancing at adult hip hop this upcoming Wednesday night, 8:30 at The Vault Dance Studio!

Here's the routine we did this last week in adult hip hop! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Start today!

It seems each new year we start out with beautiful goals that stay just that, beautiful goals.
Why not choose one and start on it TODAY!

This quote is so true...
Don't look back wishing you would have started sooner, do it today!!!
Happy Hump day!

Take one step closer to being who you want to be...START TODAY!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Upcoming concert while looking for a cause...

Starting the year off doing what we do best...SERVICE!
Benefit concert for Alison Snow who is the kidney donor for Cortnee Hellyer. Allison is one of our biggest supporters, always helping with anything she can for each concert! The concert is January 31st and we are looking for silent auction and bake sale donations! Come support and enjoy a great family night!!!!

To submit a cause:
  • Tell us about the story! We want an in depth description and why you think they would be a great cause. More details the better (we want to be able to know the person and their story by reading the submission.)
  • Submit a picture :)
  • Contact information for the submitter and the actual cause.
  • Then email the story to Tia Stokes at!